Kioku is a fashion project

Kioku is a young brand born from the solid creative roots of its founder Alessandro Cidda.

Eclectic artist, communicator, and photographer Alessandro gives life to Kioku while developing graphic games with a series of photographic shots taken in a helicopter over Cape Town (with which to organize an exhibition); he is fascinated to discover that he has created original and unique patterns. He abandoned the idea of the photographic exhibition and turned what were meant to be "photographic paintings" into fabrics skillfully printed in Como on fine silk.
The first foulards were born, and with them, the desire to see them worn.

From here on, it is a creative escalation that gives life to hypnotic and kaleidoscopic designs that release the energy, experiences, and emotions of places unveiled and lived around the world where reality becomes a dream, and dreams are confirmed as reality.

Experiences, emotions, energies, and inspiration becomes a brand.
Thus Kioku was born, which in Japanese means memory.

An artisanal and sartorial production strictly made in Italy.
Kioku foulards and scarves are printed and made in Como, the world district of quality silk.

Big Croc

In the Northern Territories, the Australian crocodile reaches up to 6 meters. Sly moves sluggishly in river waters and is often found dozing on the edges in the shade of vegetation. Reflected light in half-light transforms the scales in a kaleidoscopic play of colors from green to blue.
Big Croc brings out the blue tones.

Optical Zebra

Ngorongoro Giant Crater in Tanzania is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is an arena where many animals live close together. The elegant zebra is one of them. The zebra's coat is like our fingerprint, different for each animal. With its splendid play of colors and marks, a zebra's coat has been transformed into a wearable picture.

Red Stones

At 3000km long, the Stuart Highway cuts Australia in half, though part of the charm of traveling along it lies in the little breaks you take to stretch your legs in the most remote of its rest areas. In one of these, Banka Banka Station, you
are struck by the intense red of the gravel around you, an exciting preview of the Red Centre that awaits you farther along the road. Red Stones is the literal representation of this striking image.

Secret Garden

Near the famous Sensō-ji temple in the Asakusa area of Tokyo, lies a hidden Garden Temple, a rare relic of the Edo period. A secret garden made all the more comely by a circular pond whose surface reflects the lush and thriving plant life that surrounds it. Secret Garden is a study of the green geometrical shapes that one can glimpse on the surface of the water.

Green Heights

As you move through the thousands of centuries-old sequoias in the Sequoia National Park in California, you feel teeny tiny, as if in a fairytale. A green and dizzying labyrinth made for wandering through with your eyes gazing upwards, lost in the ever-changing lights and leaves with their endless reflections. The ones are woven into Green Heights.

Morning Dome

Half Dome rises majestically in the heart of Yosemite Park, California, surveying the forest below from its impressive height of 2700 meters. The most famous granite stone in the park, its walls change color throughout the day, reflecting the most minute shifts in the light. Morning Dome is the cold, metallic reflection of the rock at dawn.

Desert Sweets

Cowboys called them Indians and chased them under the red sandstone towers that dominate Monument Valley. Remarkable examples of rock art were left here by the Navajo natives who came from Canada to this plateau between Nevada and Utah. Their art is hidden in this pattern.

El Cap

The ‘wow’ effect is inescapable when driving along the road that leads to the heart of Yosemite National Park, and you are finally faced with El Capitan. Nestled amidst ancient sequoias, this imposing monolith of unyielding stone echoes with ancestral memories, captured in detail on its north wall.

The Huntress

Around Lake Ndutu, in the south of the Serengeti in Tanzania, December starts when the wildebeest and the zebras gather in preparation for the largest-scale migration
of mammals on the entire planet. A young female cheetah and her four cubs patiently await her moment to strike, camouflaged in the labyrinth of colors surrounding her.
In The Huntress, her spotted coat re-emerges through the
kaleidoscopic lens of the imagination.

Dry Leaves

Between the herons, eagles, falcons and crocodiles all mirrored on the water’s surface, a carpet of dry leaves colors the lively banks of the South Alligator River in the middle of the Kakadu National Park, a preserve of true wilderness in northern Australia. Iridescent colors and shades spring to life in Dry Leaves.

The Temple

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kiyomizu-Dera is a Buddhist temple to the east of Kyoto. It is one of the Historical Monuments of the ancient capital of Japan. The main entrance door to the temple of the three-story pagoda, “Sanjuno-to,” is hidden in this mandala in a multiplied form.

Paleo Rock

Deep within Litchfield National Park, near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, lies a surreal and hard-to-reach spot where a long succession of rocky outcrops are redolent of the remains of an ancient civilization: the Lost City. Paleo Rock allows it to live again in all its deep, age-old colors.