KIOKU is a design project.

KIOKU is a detail of a memory captured by a camera, an emotion whose essence explodes into a labyrinthine spread of suggestions, giving life to kaleidoscopic compositions printed on fine fabrics that are skilfully transformed into timeless items of clothing with an ethereal fluidity. Moments that you can wear and reinvent every time you venture into the fantasy of interpretation.

KIOKU is colours, patterns, designs, energies: the fruits of unique places experienced in dreams, real life, and somewhere between the two. It was born out of the artistic sensibility and unconventional research of Alessandro Cidda.

The exclusive designs of Kioku fabrics pour their animated spirit into iconic yet essential garments, carefully selected for their fit, fluidity and multifunctionality, with a liberal interpretation of the concept of timelessness.

A Kioku garment becomes the lynchpin of any contemporary outfit, injecting it with colour, character and an indomitable energy; it complements and reflects the personality of those who choose to embark upon new and stimulating paths.

KIOKU is the Japanese word for memory.

KIOKU is Made in Italy