Blouse The Huntress


Garment made by artisans in Italy
Blouse with three-quarter sleeves, boat neck, and delicate puffy straps. Elegant and timeless, it is a must-have for every wardrobe.

Design The Huntress
Around Lake Ndutu, in the south of the Serengeti in Tanzania, December marks the start of when the wildebeest and the zebras gather in preparation for the largest-scale migration of mammals on the entire planet. A young female cheetah, along with her four cubs, patiently awaits her moment to strike, camouflaged in the labyrinth of colors that surrounds her. In The Huntress, her spotted coat re-emerges through the kaleidoscopic lens of the imagination.

  • Regular fit
  • Composizione: 91% silk satin, 9% elastane
  • Made in Italy